NIGHTFALLThings happen at night  –  like the sudden appearance of this site.  One morning, there it was and it still wasn’t finished.  However, whatever stage of progress they’re in, these pages are partly an excuse to foist upon you an

ADVERT. . . also an exercise in relieving bouts of insomnia.


Left-handed, bad-at-games, non-driving and a one-time inmate at St Martins School of Art,  I’ve been a visualiser, cartoonist and illustrator in London for more than thirty years, so inevitably I eventually had to manufacture a site featuring some of my artwork.  So if you’re tearing your hair out, like this young woman:


I’ve got some ink left.     


WARNING  –  These pages may change when you’re not looking.  Look again.


All artwork copyright ©Jess Abbo

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