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Cartoons and comic strips for a number of National Autistic Society books and publications.  A spelling mistake in their offices led to a flood of artistic commissions.


20-odd years ago I illustrated some editions of Drif’s Guide to the Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops in Britain. Driff Field was the funniest person I ever met and I regret not having been able to afford a ticket to, nor attend, his proposed self-immolation at the turn of the millennium.  Some of his publications will now be as hard to locate as Driffield.
EXTRA:   In the unlikely event of her ever seeing this, greetings to Carol who under duress had to replicate Drif’s remedial-level spelling on her typewriter.

  Some other drawings . . .

From a poster for the excellent band Pimp My Jazz:

. . . and a few of as many cards as there are cards in the world:



 All artwork copyright ©Jess Abbo

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